LibrarIN aims to deliver sustainable and measurable results that will push the boundaries of current scientific knowledge and policy practices towards the modernisation of libraries.

  • Establish the foundations of a new, comprehensive and holistic paradigm for understanding the transformation of libraries. This will be viewed from a co-creation perspective that integrates public service logic (PSL) in a new model of public governance (NPG) and multi-agent frameworks.
  • Enrich theories of innovation in services in general, considering the library services and demand and user-driven innovation that underlie demand driven innovation policies.
  • Provide new metrics and empirical evidence for value co-creation in public administration through the LibrarIN survey on transformative innovation in libraries. Implications for further innovation surveys and an impact on future OECD work on public sector innovation can also be expected.  
  • Support library transformation through appropriate incentives that will help overcome cultural resistance to innovation and change.
  • Encourage broader adoption of co-creation practices, ultimately resulting in cost savings, better services, increased public trust and innovation.
  • Ensure that the research findings will reach policymakers and practitioners at different institutional levels throughout Europe. 
  • Enhance thought leadership, by translating the project’s findings into actionable policy recommendations.
  • Deliver a data-driven tracking system for allowing immediate comparison and benchmarking of the extent to which libraries are implementing collaborative initiatives in line with recommendations.
  • Build the foundation for a sustainable research and innovation lighthouse, able to exploit the achievements of the project and continue its activities in the years to come.