We Proudly Present The Members Of Our Stakeholder Panel!

LibrarIN’s Stakeholder Panel brings together a diverse group of experts who are passionate about innovation in libraries. Bringing a wealth of expertise in innovation and co-creation, particularly in the realms of digital transformation, social entrepreneurship, innovation networks and living labs, our panel reflects the rich diversity found in libraries across Europe. It currently comprises 35 members from 19 European countries, representing national, academic, municipal, and community libraries alongside policymakers, international library organizations, academia, and civil society.

The panel’s overarching goals centre around knowledge exchange with LibrarIN’s researchers,  enriching LibrarIN’s research findings with a pragmatic, practice-led perspective and enhancing the applicability and sustainability of LibrarIN’s policy recommendations. Stakeholders will be involved in co-creation processes around LibrarIN’s research; providing meaningful insights to guide forthcoming research and serving as a valuable sounding board in the formulation of policy recommendations that are not only theoretical but also practical and sustainable.

Svitlana Chukanova

Ph.D.(Ed), Head of Research Library Sector, senior lecturer, Coordinator of the Viktor Kytasty American Library

Andrew Cox

Senior Lecturer

Stuart Hamilton

Chair of the Board

Sandra Hamm

Head of General collection management and use issues

Oskar Hernández-Pérez

Library Manager and PhD candidate

Katrīna Kukaine

Director of Development department

Filipe Leal

Senior Librarian, PhD researcher

Helen Mandl

Deputy Secretary General, Director Member Services

Terry O'Brien

Head of Library & Information Services

Leonard Petró

Associate Director of User Insight and Communications

Bernhard Pöckl

Head of the Vienna Public Libraries

Elena Sanchez Nogales

Head of the Innovation and Digital Reuse Service

Joshua Sendall

Director of Library Services

Tereza Šímová

Teaching Librarian / EU Cooperation and Communication Coordinator

Katrin Stroth

Head of the public library

Charlotte Tournicourt

Innovation manager digital library

Astrid Verheusen

Director of Operations

Giuseppe Vitiello

Senior Adviser, Europe

Cornelia Vonhof

Professor of Public Management at the Stuttgart Media University, with a focus on the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs in Library and Information Management