LibrarIN aims to discover, analyse and provide managerial and policy recommendations for transformative strategies that integrate the co-creation of value in public libraries.

This will be achieved by introducing a new model of public service and social innovation. The project intends to explore how to co-create value for individuals and society through the design and delivery of library services. It will also identify models to resolve potential conflicts between individual values and social values. LibrarIN has identified the following six specific objectives.

LibrarIN will examine three aspects of value co-creation and service/social innovation in libraries:
i) its nature and characteristics; ii) its modes of organisation and implementation, and iii) its impacts.
Using both existing data and new metrics, specific KPIs will be used to analyse:
i) how co-creation activities occur; ii) the roles of different partners in innovative libraries; iii) the factors that explain failure or success, and iv) the social impact.
The project will investigate value co-creation on: i) digital services; ii) living labs; iii) social entrepreneurship.
The project team strives to ensure that research results generate sustainable impact in library policy and practice, as well as contributing to theoretical knowledge. Research findings should be transformed into public sector innovation.
LibrarIN will deliver a data-driven tracking system for assessing the implementation of recommendations throughout the EU member states.
The goal is to build a sustainable research and innovation lighthouse to exploit the achievements of the project.