Stakeholders Panel

Svitlana Chukanova

Position: Ph.D.(Ed),   Head of Research Library Sector, senior lecturer,  Coordinator of the Viktor Kytasty American Library
Organisation: The National University of Kyiv Mohyla Аcademy

Bio: Svitlana Chukanova is a librarian, researcher, and educator with over 17 years of experience. She is currently the Head of the Sector of Research Library at The National University of Kyiv Mohyla Аcademy, where she is responsible for coordinating Viktor Kytasty American Library. She is also a senior lecturer at the Psychology and Pedagogy Department at NaUKMA, where she teaches Information Literacy, Academic Integrity, and Research Data Management. S. Chukanova’s research interests focus on the intersections of librarianship, pedagogy, and open access, Research Data Management. Svitlana is passionate about helping researchers to manage their data effectively and ethically. 

Motivation for joining the project: As a representative of NaUKMA Library, I hope that participating in the LibrarIN project will help to transform the NaUKMA Library into a modern information hub, equipped with the latest technology, infrastructure, and digital resources, to enhance the learning and research experience of the students and faculty at NaUKMA as well as a wider range of users all over Ukraine. We hope to share our experience in embedding our training into the educational process at our university, as well as learn from other participants’ stories of success.

Andrew Cox

Position: Senior Lecturer
Organisation: The Information School, University of Sheffield.

Linnéa Forslund

Position: Librarian
Organisation: Järfälla public library, Sweden

Bio: Linnéa Forslund works at a public library in Järfälla municipality in the north of Stockholm, Sweden. In her role as a librarian she coordinates initiatives that focus on digitalization, innovation, and media and information literacy. During her years in Järfälla she has worked as a project leader for a digital transformation journey which aimed to develop and improve the library service and expand the digital knowledge of the staff. During that project, she discovered the processes of service design and design thinking as methods to develop the library with a focus on the library user’s perspective. In her library, her team aims at continually refining the approaches to these methods, with the goal of progressing towards and a more user-centric service.

Motivation for joining the project: I’m a curious person, always looking for new ideas, inspiration and collaborations. Being a member of the LibrarIn panel truly provides me with that. It gives me a connection to new research about library innovation and co-creation that is valuable for me in my daily job. I also hope my experience with user centred development in public libraries can contribute to the project.

László Garamvölgyi

Position: Deputy director
Organisation: University Library and Archives, Eötvös Loránd University (Budapest)

Stuart Hamilton

Position: Chair of the Board
Organisation: NAPLE Forum

Sandra Hamm

Position: Head of General collection management and use issues
Organisation: German National Library / Leipzig, Frankfurt a.M.

Bio: A librarian with excellent organisational skills and moderation know-how, who likes to network and to motivate people to perform at their best. I am focussed on change management and my aim is to innovate. Finding solutions to problems by analysing and structuring the situation is also one of my strengths. I am a creative thinker, with a keen eye for details as well as for the strategic overview, who promotes knowledge-sharing.

I have nearly 30 years of experience in librarianship, especially project management and process management, with the focus on user services. The organisation and coordination of work processes, also consulting and support of departments, were my tasks. My current assignment is the development of strategies, measures and concepts for the adoption of relevant innovative technologies and trends as well as representing relevant topics nationally and internationally.

Motivation for joining the project: The LibrarIN idea seems to match exactly with my actual work. I am focused on the process of change in the role of libraries, especially national libraries, and the challenges to adjust to the needs within society. My aim is it to make improvements, to innovate and advance the importance of libraries as a whole for having a real impact on society. My motivation for joining the project is to benefit from new ideas and contribute also my own experience for finally using outcomes at the German National Library and in general to benefit from recommendations that have been developed via knowledge-sharing and combination of strength and resources.

Oskar Hernández-Pérez

Position: Library Manager and PhD candidate
Organisation: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (

Bio: Oskar Hernández manages the Serials Main Library at the Faculty of Communication Studies of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) since 2020. He is a PhD candidate in the field of Social Studies of Science and Technology at the same university (Department of Social Psychology), and works in the research groups STS-b, Barcelona Science and Technology Studies (UAB), and Social Impact of Artificial Intelligence (Computer Vision Centre, CVC-UAB). His research interests are focused on citizen participation in open spaces of experimentation, innovation practices in library contexts and the transformations that libraries are currently facing. He is a collaborating professor at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He also teaches courses and seminars on innovation in libraries for universities, public administrations, and professional associations. He is a member of the Strategic Working Group Laboratorios Bibliotecarios (Library Laboratories) at the Spanish Ministry of Culture, and co-conducts the development of the Library Lab at the Instituto Cervantes (the Spanish Government culture institute abroad).

Motivation for joining the project: The Horizon Europe project LibrarIN is a deeply inspiring project. I believe that libraries can play a crucial role in our contemporary societies in sustaining collective life. Certain socio-technical infrastructures that have emerged in recent years in library contexts and which adopt different names, such as Living Labs, Library Laboratories or Innovation Spaces, point in this direction of understanding libraries as places for encounters, collaboration and experimentation between heterogeneous publics. LibrarIN is completely aligned with all these issues, which are also my professional and research interests. I am happy and honoured to be part of the project as a member of the Stakeholder Panel, and it is really a pleasure to work together with the other participants, to contribute to the discussions and to generate understandings about this fascinating moment of library transformation.

Viktoriya Ivanova, PhD

Position: Director University Library
Organisation: University of Ruse “Angel Kanchev”, Bulgaria

Bio: Dr. Viktoriya Ivanova holds a PhD in “International Economic Relations” and possesses a qualification in “Library Sciences and Bibliography.” With over 15 years of experience in academic institutions, she specializes in international communication, public relations, and library and information services. Besides engaging in projects funded by the Horizon Europe program and the Bulgarian National Scientific Fund, Dr. Ivanova’s role is in organizing, leading, and overseeing the operations of the University library. She represents the library in member associations, consortiums, and various local and regional institutions, and orchestrates promotional activities aimed at effectively disseminating the library’s services among both students and academicians.

In her capacity, Dr. Ivanova collaborates with lecturers to streamline the acquisition of information materials, ensuring a smooth educational process. Moreover, she provides support to academics throughout the research and publication process. The mission of the library is the implementation of new technologies, and transforming the academic library into a modern information center, which meets the constantly changing needs of academics, researchers and students.

Motivation for joining the project: The University library has acknowledged the necessity for fast change and improvement and has devoted its work to achieving good results and expanding the cooperation with European partners. The LibrarlN project will allow the library to gain new ideas and methods and to test new instruments. This will contribute to the improvement of the offered services and will make them corresponding to the constantly changing needs of readers.

Internationalization and communication with partners worldwide is crucial for development. The implementing of innovations and following the best of examples is what makes an institution visible and accepted.

Ilona Kish

Position: Director
Organisation: Public Libraries 2030

Martijn Kleppe

Position: Member Board of Directors

Organisation: KB National Library of the Netherlands

Bio: Martijn Kleppe is the KB’s Board Member responsible for the domain Research & Discovery. He specialises in digital humanities, artificial intelligence, data science, digital infrastructures for research and digital heritage. He is a member of several research networks. In January 2024 he was appointed as deputy Director General.

Oliver Kohl-Frey

Position: Director

Organisation: University of Konstanz, Germany, Communication Information Media Centre (KIM)

Motivation for joining the project: Bringing innovative ideas to libraries and information centres.

Julia Konopka-Zolnierczuk

Position: Deputy Director
Organisation: National Library of Poland, Warsawa

Katrīna Kukaine

Position: Director of Development department

Organisation: The National Library of Latvia, Riga

Bio: Katrina Kukaine, Mg.geogr., a spatial development planner with expertise in the historic environment, currently serves as the Director of the Development department at the National Library of Latvia. Before this, she worked for many years at the National Heritage Board, where she held the position of Deputy Head. Her educational background includes a degree in communication sciences, with a specialization in media ethics.
Katrina also worked at the French Embassy in Latvia, where she played where she led the development of the Library (mediatheque) at the French Institute in Riga from 1999 to 2006. She is a member of ICOMOS Latvia, and she currently serves as the President of the Board from 2020 to 2023. Additionally, Katrina has contributed to the field through various publications on cultural heritage and spatial planning and has been a member of the EBLIDA Executive Committee since 2021, further contributing to the advancement of library services on an international level.

Motivation for joining the project: My duties are to follow strategic development of the library, as well to support, consult and advocate for the development and innovations in the library field in Latvia in general (public, academic, school and special libraries). I have experience in the developing the strategic documents as well the Disaster risk management plan for the collections of the National library. I am involved in different innovative projects in my library to develop new services and new directions of activities. I am very interested to participate in the panel’s work on new ideas, approaches and policy recommendations for the libraries’ field, especially because we are working now on the new Development strategy of our National library for the period 2024-2028.

Filipe Leal

Position: Senior Librarian, PhD researcher
Organisation: Município de Oeiras, University of Lisbon – School of Arts and Humanities

Bio: I have thirty-five years of experience in the field of culture, mainly in public libraries. For the last twenty years I have worked in the Municipality of Oeiras (Lisbon, Portugal): Head of Municipal Libraries Division; Director of the Department of Culture; Member of the Oeiras’27 Candidacy Team (ECoC 2027).

As a librarian I have always focused on developing innovative programs, based on: Community-centered library approach; Priority given to the development of literacies; Technology as a tool for innovation; Participated management philosophy.

In 2019 I started a transformation program in Bibliotecas Municipais Oeiras (BMO): Visit public libraries in different countries; Conducting design thinking workshops; Developing a Strategic Plan to Transform BMO; Implementing innovative services and activities.

In September I started my PhD in Cultural Studies at the University of Lisbon. My research project is focused on social innovation in public libraries. I am particularly interested in studying the case of BLX – Bibliotecas Municipais Lisboa.

Motivation for joining the project: Although I do not consider myself an expert in the field, throughout my thirty years  of career as a librarian I have always paid special attention to innovation in three  complementary dynamics: professional practice, public intervention, academic training.

I believe that this multifaceted profile can be very useful within the Stakeholder Representatives Panel, because it crosses, cumulatively and multiplier, the  long experience of working in public libraries, the  ability to mobilize portuguese librarians, the willingness to invest in academic training in the area.

Last but not least: the willingness to learn, experiment and disseminate new methods to innovate in libraries.

Helen Mandl

Position: Deputy Secretary General, Director Member Services
Organisation: IFLA – International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, The Hague

Bio: LibrarIN aims to help libraries innovate to better serve their communities. My background in teaching and education, combined with experience in library association management and volunteering, contributes to a broad understanding of information needs. The richness of services I experienced when working in academic libraries contrasted with the creativeness required to reach and support school and local public library communities with relevant information when I worked in Tanzania and Namibia. At IFLA, I’ve learnt that there is a world of activities and examples to share and learn from, whether it is across countries or library sectors. My goal is to bring some of these to the project.

Motivation for joining the project: IFLA believes the world needs a strong library field powering literate, informed and participative societies. Key to this belief is a change of mindset, for libraries to review the purpose of their work and shift to dynamic engagement with the communities they serve. IFLA’s activities around advocacy, impact and the SDGs can link with the aim of the LibrarIN project to re-position libraries in the socio-economic activities of their neighbourhoods and at the same time, transform the perceptions of their stakeholders.

Julien Maréchal

Position: Director
Organisation: La Petite Bibliothèque Ronde, Clamart

Bio: Julien Maréchal has had the opportunity to work for the promotion of culture and arts in various fields, notably as Project Manager for the European Producers Club (2006-2011) and as Head of Cultural Activities for the Direction interrégionale des services pénitentiaires de Paris. He is Director of La Petite Bibliothèque Ronde since February 2018.

Motivation for joining the project: The action proposed on a daily basis and the professional exchanges carried out at different levels contribute to making La Petite Bibliothèque Ronde a factor of territorial cohesion, particularly in three areas: early childhood, artistic and cultural education and reaching out to audiences known as as “prevented” (i.e. taken care of in hospitals, in prisons, etc.). Extending this work to the realities and problems encountered in other territories, allowing for concerted and successful reflection, would represent a considerable contribution to the association.

Terry O'Brien

Position: Head of Library & Information Services
Organisation: South East Technological University, Waterford

Bio: Terry O’Brien holds a BA (Hons), MA (Hons), and MLIS (Hons), and has been serving as the Head of Library & Information Services at South East Technological University (SETU) Waterford since 2017. In this capacity, he collaborates with the senior team to oversee the operational, budgetary, developmental, and strategic planning of the library and information services. His role extends beyond the library, involving extensive collaboration within the University across various functions.

Prior to his current position, Terry served as the Deputy Institute Librarian at Waterford Institute of Technology from 2005 to 2017. Additionally, from 2012 to 2014, he held the role of EU Projects Manager at the South East Regional Authority. In this capacity, he contributed to a diverse range of EU-funded projects, including INTERREG, Horizon, FP7, and Grundtvig.

Within the Library Association of Ireland (LAI), Terry is an active member of the Professional Standards Committee and serves as a senior CPD assessor for Associateship membership applications. Furthermore, he served as a member of the editorial board for An Leabharlann (Irish Public Library journal) from 2010 to 2022.


Motivation for joining the project: I consider this to be a very exciting and dynamic project that offers significant opportunity for learning and innovation.  I feel that I can support and help project partners to achieve project outcomes and that with my range of experiences can offer commitment, strategic thinking, value and a positive and enthusiastic approach. I have been involved in working in libraries for over 20 years and have been Head of Library & Information Services at South East Technological University (formerly Waterford Institute of Technology) for the past 7 years. SETU is a relatively new university with a remit very much based in the South-East of Ireland, but with ambitions to be innovative, outward thinking, international and socially inclusive. Although I have significant experiences in working on a variety of EU projects, I believe the opportunities LibrarIN offers are unique and ambitious and would offer both me and the library I work with distinctive exposure to cross sectoral, international practices and innovations.

Marie Østergård

Position: Library Director
Organisation: Aarhus Public Libraries

Bio: As Library Director of Aarhus Public Libraries, Marie oversees Dokk1 (the main library) and 17 branches. Since the beginning of her library career she has been part of Aarhus Public Libraries’ development of the library as a democratic space – a non-commercial space that empowers citizenship, sustainable communities and human growth. Focusing on user-involvement, partnerships, design thinking and rethinking of library space, she has investigated new technologies, involvement processes and organisational learning in library development.

From 2005-2015 Marie was the project leader of the building of Dokk1, implementing and developing these ideas as well as introducing new formats of user- and citizen involvement in the planning and building of Dokk1, that opened in June 2015. Dokk1 is the largest public library in the Nordic Countries and won the Public Library of the Year Award in 2016. It has been highly acclaimed both in- and outside the library world for its rethinking of library spaces, partnerships, involvement of users and part-taking in city development. As library director she has also overseen the building and development of the Gellerup Branch, nominated for Public Library of the Year Award 2022.

Throughout the years she has worked intensely with co-creation and partnerships – nationally and internationally – to push development, network and innovation in the library sector. She is the co-inventor of Next Library – a biannual international conference gathering thought leaders and innovators from over 30 countries around the world in a highly interactive forum discussing the development of libraries for the benefit of communities.

Marie engages in international conversations and co-operation across the world about library development, democracy, advocacy and leadership. She is an elected member of the IFLA MetLib Section and she serves as chair of the board of PL2030 – a non-profit European organisation aimed to put public libraries on the EU agenda and strengthen international network. She also serves on the board of the Danish Library Directors’ Association and is the vice-chair of the Danish Digital Library Association.  

Annsofie Olsson

Position: Librarian

Organisation: Malmö University, Sweden

Bio: I have been a dedicated librarian since 2000 at Malmö University. Progressing from roles as a Team Leader in Library Communication to currently spearheading the Library Learning Environment Team, my commitment to library excellence has remained unwavering. As the Librarian/Curator for the Researchers Gallery, I bring the research to life and make it experienceable in collaboration with the university researchers. Simultaneously, I serve as the Library Representative in the University Advisory Board for Global Engagement, contributing to our institution’s global initiatives.

I actively engage in various national networks and associations, including the Swedish Library Association Special Interest Group for Learning Environments. I have also undertaken the pivotal role of Project Manager for “The Next Frontier,” a collaborative venture between the Swedish and Kenyan Library associations from 2017 to 2020.

Motivation for joining the project: As the Library Learning Environment team leader, I collaborate with interior designers and architects to keep our library cutting-edge for evolving student needs. Committed to social innovation and public value co-creation, I’m excited to join the LibraryIN project. It resonates with our goal of ongoing library development, and I’m eager to contribute and share experiences for collective growth.

Fabrice Papy

Position: Professor
Organisation: Université de Lorraine (FRANCE)

Bio: Fabrice Papy is a Professor of Information and Communication Sciences at the University of Lorraine. His research activities focus on the problems of mediation instrumented by ICT in the techno-informative devices of the « Society of Information ». For 20 years, he has been carrying out his scientific research in the environment of ununiversity public libraries to consider ways of improving the uses of documentary resources in connection with digital technology.

 Since 2008, he is the editor-in-chief of the French scientific journal « Les Cahiers du Numerique ». His last books « Bibliothèques numériques and Innovation » (2021, ISTE Editions), « Digital Library : interoperability and use » (2016, ISTE Press-Elsevier).

Motivation for joining the project: The issues of digital culture, information culture, and information literacy in the now obviously connected landscape of the information world are central to my research work.  They concern both the ways of improving the tools for searching for documentary information within the Library Information System, and the uses and informational practices that are now hybrid between digital resources and physical resources in libraries that have also become hybrid. Questions of usability, accessibility and user experience in a global context of information overload and misinformation are also part of it.

Leonard Petró

Position: Associate Director of User Insight and Communications
Organisation: National and University Library, University of Debrecen

Motivation for joining the project: I am convinced that libraries play an ever more important role in 21st century society. Constant changes pose challenges that we can respond to with continuous innovations. The LibrarIN project offers a unique opportunity for personal and organizational development not only in its objectives, but also in its methods focusing on human centered design.

Bernhard Pöckl

Position: Head of the Vienna Public Libraries
Organisation: City of Vienna, MA 13, Public Libraries

Bio: Born 1981 in Vienna. Studied Comparative Literature at the University of Vienna. Engaged in various roles at the Vienna Public Libraries since 2004 (librarian in several branches, work on the bookmobile, library administration). Served as Regional Manager from 2014 to 2020, Head of the Main Library from 2020 to 2022, and has been the Head of the Vienna Public Libraries since February 2022.

Motivation for joining the project: The Vienna Public Libraries see themselves as a dynamic organization in a growing city. For this reason, our goal is to respond to the changing needs, requirements, and interests of the citizens, to engage with the public and to constantly question and adapt our services. This dynamic process presents us with daily challenges of technological, social, economic, and personal nature, which can be as diverse as their solutions. Collaboration with other library stakeholders is highly valuable to us, allowing for solution-oriented and open discussions, as well as leveraging synergies. For this reason, it would be highly beneficial for us to participate in LibrarIN.

Elena Sanchez Nogales

Position: Head of the Innovation and Digital Reuse Service
Organisation: National Library of Spain, Madrid

Sarah Schmelzer

Position: Head of Library
Organisation: Austrian Foundation for Development Research (ÖFSE)

Bio: Sarah is a librarian working at the intersection of library services and global citizenship education. Within her work, she is focussing on critical information literacy, digital services and participatory approaches in libraries and education. As part of an interdisciplinary team, she works in projects on education for sustainable development, active citizenship and information literacy. Sarah is particularly interested in the role of libraries for a sustainable and inclusive transformation.

Motivation for joining the project: ÖFSE is a leading organization in the field of sustainable development and global citizenship education and is home to Austria’s most extensive library on development policy, the C3-Library. With our experience in engaging youth for a sustainable and just future, we are eager to contribute to the LibrarIN project and its vision. Our expertise in youth engagement, particularly through our Living Library approach and our global citizenship education projects, aligns perfectly with LibrarIN’s goals. We believe that our participation in the stakeholder panel will provide valuable perspectives that can help shape the future of libraries as drivers of transformation.

Frank Scholze

Position: Director General

Organisation: National Library of Germany

Bio: Before Frank Scholze joined the German National Library (DNB) as the Director General in 2020, he was the director of the library of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Previous stations of his professional career were the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg and Stuttgart University Library. From 2016 to 2022, he was a member of the federal Executive Committee of the German Library Association (dbv). He is a member of numerous other scientific committees and councils, including the academic council of German National Library of Science and Technology Hannover (TIB) and the ETH Library Lab. He is chair of the Conference of European National Libraries (CENL) since December 2021.

Joshua Sendall

Position: Director of Library Services
Organisation: University of Leeds

Bio: Josh leads three large-scale associate directorates: Student Learning and Experience, Research and Digital Futures, and Content and Discovery. He works collaboratively with the executive team to enable the strategic delivery of “Knowledge for All: Libraries’ Vision for 2030” in alignment with the institutional strategy: “Universal Values, Global Change. He is a trustee for UKSG, connecting the knowledge community and spanning the diverse interests and activities of academic librarians, publishers, intermediaries, and technology vendors. Josh promotes open knowledge, freely accessible libraries, and equity, diversity, and inclusion as essential elements of healthy, resilient cultures and communities.

Motivation for joining the project: I believe that libraries are fundamentally a social undertaking for social good. Engaging with non-academic communities is enriching, and that enrichment flows both ways. Social enterprise and co-creation are hugely rewarding spaces, but it takes a concerted, collaborative, coordinated, and committed effort to deliver sustainable and impactful engagement. I look forward to working with the LibrarIN team to explore these topics and develop new related functions, services and engagement with the individuals, organisations and communities we serve.

Tereza Šímová

Position: Teaching Librarian / EU Cooperation and Communication Coordinator
Organisation: Czech University of Life Science Prague / National Library of Technology

Bio: Tereza Šímová, a dedicated librarian and open science enthusiast, holds positions at the National Technical Library, the Czech Academy of Sciences and the Czech University of Agriculture in Prague. Tereza is known for her innovative approach to educational services and for implementing strategic initiatives to promote open science and advocate for academic integrity at the institutional and national levels. Her proficiency in librarianship is further distinguished by her involvement in projects aimed at increasing media literacy, developing bibliometric research and combating predatory academic practices. In addition, Tereza is advancing her academic journey through a PhD in Management with a focus on using bibliometrics for evidence-based policymaking, thus combining her academic endeavours with her professional commitment to enrich the field of librarianship.

Motivation for joining the project: Tereza is passionate about transforming libraries into modern knowledge and collaboration hubs essential for the various stakeholders. Her ambition to join the LibrarIN project stems from this vision and her deep commitment to the principles of open science and research integrity. Particularly in university and research environments, she sees libraries as essential partners in the research process, serving as dynamic hubs connecting diverse stakeholders, from researchers to students. Tereza’s ambition is to help shape libraries as accessible, ethically grounded and technologically advanced spaces.

Katrin Stroth

Position: Head of the public library
Organisation: Stadtbibliothek Paderborn

Bio: Since September 2000 I have been the head of the public library of Paderborn. I studied public librarianship in Cologne and worked for three years in the public library of Cologne. Strategic library management, personnel management, cooperation and projects, finance and controlling are the topics in my work. Besides that, I´m passionate about creating new library services, modern and functional digital offers and building new communities.

Motivation for joining the project: The quality and innovation of our library based on aspects of natural sciences and technology. In addition to the expansion of innovative offers, our second focus is the involvement of citizens in the development of offers. In a citizen participation process, we have developed an open library. The citizens determine what takes place in it.  The sustainability goals of the UN will also be in focus there. Based on our work and network around us I would love to explore new ways for the creation of the common good and help shape the demand-oriented design of European public library services.

Charlotte Tournicourt

Position: Innovation manager digital library
Organisation: Cultuurconnect, Brussels

Bio & Motivation for joining the project: Cultuurconnect bridges the gap between local culture houses, libraries, governments, technology players and artistic initiatives in Flanders. Together we go for digital innovation in art and culture, so that we also remain relevant tomorrow. As an innovation manager, I work toward digital solutions for public libraries, so that they can undergo a digital transformation and also stay relevant. I work for and with our libraries: our steering committee of 18 libraries keeps a finger on the pulse of the needs of all public libraries in Flanders and decides the innovation agenda of Cultuurconnect. For every project, we work with pilot libraries and workgroups.

Astrid Verheusen

Position: Director of Operations
Organisation: RKD, Netherlands institute for Art History, The Hague

Bio: After studying history, Astrid Verheusen began her career as a researcher at the former Institute of Netherlands History (now part of the Huygens Institute), then as a product manager at SDU Publishers. From 2001 to 2017, she worked in various positions at the Royal Library of the Netherlands, where she was responsible for various programs and projects concerning mass digitization, digital preservation and the digital library, among others, as Head of Innovative Projects. From 2017 to 2023, she was Executive Director of LIBER (Ligue des Bibliothèques Européennes de Recherche – Association of European Research Libraries), a European networking organization of more than 420 national university and other scientific libraries. From May 2023, Astrid Verheusen is currently Director of Operations and CIO at RKD. She is a results-oriented director and information manager with drive and vision. From her fascination to stimulate knowledge sharing, she motivates the people in her organization and network.

Motivation for joining the project: The RKD, Netherlands Institute for Art History has until recently been primarily focused on the researcher. The policy has now changed and we now also want to reach a wider audience where we also want to involve that wider audience in developing our services together. Participation in LibrarIN’s stakeholder panel is a great opportunity to share experiences for this purpose.

Giuseppe Vitiello

Position: Senior Adviser, Europe
Organisation: Rete delle Reti

Bio: Giuseppe Vitiello is Senior Adviser, Europe at Rete delle Reti. He has been Director, EBLIDA from 2019 to 2023. From 1989 to 2018 he served as Head of Unit, Programme Adviser and Expert in various international organisations: European Commission, Council of Europe, ISSN International Centre, EU-ISS and NATO Defence College. Earlier in his carrier he acted as Head R&D, National Library in Florence. He also lectured at the Universities of Orléans, Toulouse, Venise and at the Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart.

With a Master in Political Science – International Relations, he has post-graduated diplomas in History (Paris, E.H.E.S.S.) and in Library Science (School of administration, Rome). He is the author of six books and more than one hundred-fifty articles in library & information science and history of culture. Languages: English, French, German and Ukrainian.

Motivation for joining the project: I am very much looking forward to providing scientific input in LibrarIN as well as to offering Rete delle Reti as a platform for investigation and implementation of the results of the LibrarIN project.

Cornelia Vonhof

Position: Professor of Public Management at the Stuttgart Media University, with a focus on the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs in Library and Information Management
Organisation: Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart / Stuttgart Media University

Bio: Cornelia has been Professor at the Information and Communication Faculty, Stuttgart Media University since 2004. Her field of teaching is public management (including quality management, library organisation and management, service design, public administration).

Cornelia holds degrees in library studies, in business administration and cultural administration. She has been manager of medium-sized public libraries, and also worked as consultant for the public sector for several consulting firms with a focus on controlling, organisational development, and quality management.

Cornelia is active as researcher, scientific author and associate editor of the two leading German Library Journals. She works as consultant in the field of library and information management and serves as EFQM assessor. She has been vice chairperson and board member of the German Association of Information and Library Professionals and the German Library Association.

Motivation for joining the project: I am deeply convinced that libraries are the key institutions for the future development of societies worldwide and in Europe. Libraries can make a significant contribution. In order to do this even better than today, they need to be empowered to break new ground and work in a highly professional manner.
The “LibrarIN” project prepares this path into the future and works on central future topics such as participation-oriented management, social innovation and service design and transfers scientific findings into practice. 
As a member of the Stakeholder Panel, I would like to help ensure that the valuable results of the project are disseminated as widely as possible. I would like to act as a critical friend and multiplier by using the results in teaching at the university and in my other dissemination activities.