LibrarIN Project’s 2nd General Assembly Meeting: Inspiring Collaboration and Learning in Denmark

The LibrarIN Project recently held its highly anticipated 2nd General Assembly Meeting in Denmark, hosted by the Danish Social Innovation Academy and Roskilde University. The event, which took place on June 1st and 2nd, brought together participants from various institutions to exchange ideas, foster collaboration, and explore innovative approaches in library development.

Prior to the official assembly, attendees were treated to an engaging evening tour of the Royal Library, fondly known as “The Black Diamond,” which is situated in Copenhagen. This iconic library provided an inspiring backdrop for networking and connecting with fellow participants and sharing experiences and ideas.

Day 1 of the Meeting

The General Assembly Meeting kicked off with a warm welcome from Mrs. Anne Vorre Hansen at the Danish Social Innovation Academy. She provided a brief overview of the academy’s mission and their commitment to fostering social innovation.

Following that, Mr. Peter Kragelund, Dean of Social Sciences at Roskilde University, shared insights into the Department of Social Science and Business, highlighting the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in driving positive change. The meeting focused on the progress overview and the results achieved from the preliminary literature reviews that are conducted as part of the “Conceptual framework of participatory management and sustainable growth” (WP2) and “Thematic and empirical work in selected co-creation areas” (WP3) activities of the project as well as on issues related to measuring and monitoring co-creation in EU public libraries (WP4).

Moreover, participants actively engaged in discussions regarding the meticulous selection and coordination of case studies, recognizing the significance of showcasing diverse library initiatives.

During the lunch break on the first day, participants had the opportunity to visit the nearby BIBLIOTEKET Bispebjerg, a beloved public library frequented by locals. Over lunch, the librarians shared valuable insights into how the library is utilized by the community, highlighting its impact on fostering lifelong learning.

Day 2 of the Meeting

On the second day of the assembly meeting, a focused discussion took place on crucial topics related to the LibrarIN Project. These topics encompassed the active involvement of stakeholders in the project, alongside the vital aspects of dissemination, communication, and sustainability. The participants engaged in insightful conversations, proposing strategies for effective collaboration with stakeholders and emphasizing the significance of clear communication and collaboration to achieve optimal project outcomes.

The team also focused on enhancing integration and synergies across various work packages, emphasizing the importance of a cohesive and collaborative approach.

The LibrarIN Project’s 2nd General Assembly Meeting brought together passionate professionals who are committed to driving innovation and creating positive change within the library landscape. Through engaging presentations, networking opportunities, and visits to inspiring libraries, participants were inspired to further their mission of providing valuable services to the project overall.