Navigating the Digital Transformation Landscape in Libraries: Insights and Challenges

Digital transformation in libraries is in full swing, driven by evolving technology and changing patron behavior. As libraries strive to contribute to the democratisation of knowledge, this transformation is reshaping the types of services offered, fostering collaborations for cultural programs, and influencing the utilisation of physical library spaces. In the report ‘Digital Transformation and ICT v1.0’, based on a systematic literature review, the LibrarIN team delves into the existing landscape of empirical evidence for digital library services from 2013 to 2023. The analysis clusters topics into 17 themes, ranging from digital literacy to e-services and social media use.

To comprehend current and future challenges, interviews with international library experts were conducted. The findings reveal that demands for digital transformation stem from both external and internal factors, with lighthouse projects leading innovation in both digital and physical spaces. Co-creative elements, such as design thinking approaches, are reshaping how library services are delivered.

Last but not least, a Delphi study involving 42 experts ranked themes by importance, highlighting “Library’s role in the ecosystem” and “Skills & Mindset” as top priorities. This insight guides the selection criteria for year 2 case studies, focusing on technological innovations and co-production processes for digital transformation in libraries.

Read the Deliverable here.